About Us

About Us

Always in pursuit of excellence with an honest pragmatic attitude
and pragmatic attitude

AQUACAP is a leading manufacturer of closures and committed to offering the most robust package of closure design, manufacture, and printing. Established in Tenhow to write an abstract apath of Ramadan City, Egypt. we have continuously grown our technology base, incorporating the latest and best-in-class technology, techniques, manufacturing, and printing methods. As a result, we are able to extend our services to a various industry verticals including:

| Pharmaceutical | Agricultural | Household | Food | Beverage| Cosmetic | Specialized |

A commitment to think about what our customers think

All our efforts emerge from, and are directed towards our customers. AQUACAP was founded on the belief that it is our job to think about what our customer thinks. To understand their needs, and to:

  • Develop products that are safe to use, minimize costs, and improve efficiency,
  • Build capabilities to offer custom solutions tailored to the client needs

We have the capacity of independently designing and developing excellent quality closures. Our customer first service philosophy (timely delivery and competitive pricing) allows us to deliver results at short notice — keeping your projects on time , within budget, and up to your satisfaction.